Bookhemian ArtHouse

Listed as the 2nd best coffee shop in Phuket by, Bookhemian Arthouse place should be one of your list of cafe to visit. We go to other countries not just to be wowed by their spots and attractions, but it is more fun to try their foods as well- and that is speaking of cafe/coffee shops.

The Bookhemian Coffee Shop features like an arthouse with a minimalist interior. The first section of the cafe showcases its bookshop and their thai art collection in the second. This place is also recommended by my tour guide when we have a city tour in Phuket Old Town.15326582_10205723546927658_2016983278373271654_n15220168_10205723530047236_5979742892763281475_n.jpg15241301_10205723547967684_8777572524214834679_n

#thecoffeeaudit tried their specialty Bookhemian Iced Coffee that tastes like that normal thai latte with the soft marshmallow on top. This is a must-try


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