Vivren Aurestila is a backpacker, adventure seeker, hobbyist photographer, a style enthusiast and a coffee lover in between. An auditor on workdays who is workaholic during busy season (Auditors will understand and love the slack season) , but on weekends and holidays he is most probably at the beach and visiting a cafe. He started blogging in his mind way back 2014 but finally put up this blog this 2017.

Being an auditor, his hashtags and contents mainly focus on Auditing. There are 3 main contents of this blog:
1. Lakwatserongawditor – for a wandering auditor that loves the slack season.
2. Thecoffeeaudit – Finding that perfect coffee that someday I can put up that perfect taste for coffee – that is to put up my own coffee shop someday. I started this search since January of 2016.
3. Style – I started with http://www.lookbook.nu before I indulge in travelling and coffee .

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An auditor that starts to blog.

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